Citi Premier Card

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Citi Premier is the card that rewards cardmembers for the many different ways they choose to get from place to place.


For the first time, Citi will be asking existing cardmembers to switch from their Citi® Double Cash Card to the PremierSM Card. We were tasked to entice  the consumer with the potential of rewards points versus simple cash back.

Key Strategic Idea

Make everyday feel more rewarding.


Dear sightseers, day trippers, Uber riders, and world travelers, what if we let you in on a little secret... you could be getting so much more out of your card than cash back rewards. With a cash back card, you are missing out on the opportunity to go further, see more, or even make your commute a little less miserable. With Citi Premier, a world-class travel card, your earning potential is greater than ever. It doesn't matter if you’re on the move to see the Blue Lagoon or to jet across town, this card was made with every traveler in mind.



CD: Anders da Silva AD: Kate Oxler CW: Anna Redman