Just A can


Carbonated. Caffeinated. Creative.

All the way from Owatonna, Minnesota I bring my bubbly personality, relentless energy, and creativity to Chicago, Illinois. I am currently working as a Junior Copywriter at Havas by day and as a mediocre improv performer by night. I am passionate about advertising, film, social media, and of course, Mountain Dew.

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Q. Can someone really like Mountain Dew THIS MUCH?!?

A, Yes.

Q. What is your second favorite beverage?

A. The Mountain Dew Slurpee at SevenEleven.*

Q. What is the craziest thing you have ever done while all jacked up on Mountain Dew?

A. I got into a karaoke battle and won. The winning number: ‘It’s Tricky’ by RUN-DMC. It was a sight to see.

Q. Where did this obsession come from?

A. Other than the pure delicious taste of that green sugary liquid rolling over your tongue??? I would say my brand loyalty sprouted from the fact that I am from the sticks of Minnesota. And in that magical land filled with camo and sparkly butt jeans is where people swap their Starbucks for that good ol’ Mountain Dew. You Betcha.  

Q. Do you sleep?

A. No.


*If you were looking to go try this magical slurpee you are at a loss. SEVENELEVEN DISCONTINUED THIS MAGICAL DRINK AND IF YOU ARE JUST AS PISSED AS I AM ABOUT THIS THEIR CORPORATE NUMBER IS 1-972-828-7011. Please give them a call, they are no longer answering mine.