Chicago Jazz Festival Poster

Project: Design a poster for the 2016 Chicago Jazz Festival

Chicago has an amazing reputation as a musical city starting with the "Great Migration" of the early 1900s that brought both the blues and jazz to the city, where both types of music were given an indelible "Chicago: stamp. A thriving new style of Soul music emerged in the 1960s and 70s, along with a flourishing Folk music scene. In the mid-1980s musicians in Chicago created House music which influenced electric dance music internationally. Chicago's reputation as a rock and punk scene began in the 1980s and continues to this day. American Heavy Metal has had a presence in the city since the late 1990s. Most recently in the mid-2000s, Hip-hop and Rap emerged as a musical force in Chicago. 

From the widely respected Chicago Blues Festival to Lollapalooza, Chicago has a wide range of music festivals to attend. Record labels and venues for experiencing live music also abound. Chicago is a city of music.