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make us your 💧companion

still💧or sparkling✨, both taste great and do more than just hydrate with premium electrolytes fueling every sip you take

which with you pick? 💧 or ✨?


make your 💧 game sparkle

our sparkling water tastes like it’s straight from the clouds ...well, if clouds rained ✨sparkling✨ electrolyte drops💧.

add some sparkle to your day✨


it's hydrate o'clock

hurry! time is ticking 🕖 🕗 🕘. pick a water that packs electrolytes in every drop💧 so feel hydrated around the clock.

electrolytes packed in every 💧


choose fuel in every drop

choose water that works harder for you. smartwater is packed with electrolytes so you feel ☀️refreshed☀️ after every sip.💙💧

💧that works smarter not harder


Credits: Lorenzo Jimenez & Anna Redman